Digital Securities Launch: Canada's First Securitized NFT Offering

Finhaven is pleased to offer fractionalized NFTs with royalty streams providing investors with:

For accredited investors only

bKREATIV Productions Ltd. (“bKREATIV”) is raising CAD 2M through a Fractionalized Non Fungible Token (“F-NFT”) Securities Offering.

Stardust Official Teaser


Stardust NFT Details

Token Contract:

Cold Wallet Address:

"In the same way that 'The Mandalorian' sought to bring the big screen excitement of ‘Star Wars’ to television, ‘Black Rose’ is ready to be your "Equilibrium for TV and Streaming devices" - bringing you to a wondrous world you've never seen before, and exploring themes of action and adventure, love, loyalty, survival, and environmental awareness”
Uzair Merchant
Creator of Black Rose
"Finhaven™ Private Markets is offering investors direct access to the artist, breaking down the traditional investment model. Investors can invest small or large amounts in the production of the film/TV series through the Stardust music video F-NFT, which will be featured on the Black Rose original soundtrack."
DH Kim
CEO of Finhaven

To invest in ‘Black Rose’ through the securitized NFT, Accredited Investors can open an account with Finhaven Private Markets, and purchase any number of fractions of the F-NFT (to a maximum of 2,000 tokens).